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Film online Zombie Apocalypse redat gratuit la calitate HD subtitrat

Zombie Apocalypse

Film online Zombie Apocalypse va este oferit spre vizionare gratuit la calitate HD fara intrerupere exclusiv pe acest site.

Descriere in engleza: There's a wealth of chopping and shooting off heads. Zombie dogs, a mixture of fast 'running' zombies, semi intelligent zombies, rowdy and slow zombies. The script tries to avoid clichés but is unsuccessful given the tone. Writers Brooks Peck and Craig Engler add nothing new for 99 percent of the film - there's checking for bites, executing best friends, an array of ideas already explored in other films but they bring them together productively with Lyon's competent direction.
Ving Rhames redeems himself slightly as Henry - after the nasty taste of the Day of the Dead remake he starred in. That said, this production is not in the same league as the Dawn the Dawn of the Dead remake that he also appeared in. Actor Lesley-Ann Brandt as Cassie is worthy of note and the rest of the main players do a good enough job. Edward Burns alike Gary Weeks as Mack and Taryn Manning Melissa George alike are more than adequate. The look-a-likes don't stop there; keep an eye out for the Bruce Campbell and Texas Chainsaw Massacre zombie a-likes. Like the film itself everything looks like something else.
Durata Film: 85 minute
Categorie: Actiune,Groaza,SF
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12 martie 2015, 22:51

Frumos filmul pentru cei ce le plac mortii care umbla si sangele care sare pete tot ...

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